NFT Staking

The Genesis Series is the first NFT Card on the BSCS NFT Platform. These NFTs are packed with utility across the BSCS Ecosystem and will entitle their holders to unique privileges and unlock new experiences.

BSCS’s Genesis NFTs will give holders access to additional Launchpad allocation, NFT drops, farming multipliers, token airdrops as well as unlock items in the next generation of online games powered by NFTs and blockchain.

BSCS Genesis Series NFTs holders now can stake their unique NFT to fully activate their utilities.

Step 1

Go to NFT Marketplace. Click on Stake NFT. The interface will show the NFT Cards that valid for staking.

You could see your NFT Boost stat under your Profile Section.

Step 2

Click on Stake on any NFT card you want to.

You could click on the card to access its details to see the NFT Boost stat and stake directly from here.

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