BSCS 2.0

BSCS is here to build, and here for the long-term.

The BSCS token, designed as an integral part of its blockchain ecosystem, has been explicitly capped at a maximum supply of 398,894,655 tokens. This strategic decision to limit the total supply underscores the BSCS's commitment to creating scarcity and potentially enhancing the token's value over time. By setting a finite supply, the team aims to foster a sustainable economic model that can support both growth and stability within the ecosystem. This approach mirrors principles seen in other successful digital assets, where supply constraints have played a crucial role in driving demand and ensuring long-term viability.

Overview Calculation

The BSCS token is characterized by several key features that set it apart within the digital asset landscape. Furthermore, BSCS integrates robust security measures to protect transactions and user data, leveraging the latest in encryption and smart contract audits. It also fosters a vibrant ecosystem supporting various applications, including decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications (dApps), providing a versatile utility across the blockchain domain. These characteristics underscore BSCS's commitment to fostering innovation, security, and sustainable growth within its network.

Marketcap and Emission Analysis

BSCS's current capitalization is $3 million. Join us in reviewing the token systems of other projects in the same field, such as Polkastarter (nearly $89 million), Daomaker (nearly $143 million), Seedify (nearly $199 million), and Gamefi (nearly $106 million).

BSCS's launchpad is well-positioned to capitalize on the burgeoning demand for blockchain solutions, offering a vital bridge between innovation and market readiness. Its development potential is amplified by the growing trend towards decentralization, positioning it as a key player in the evolution of the digital asset landscape.

The relatively small market cap of BSCS's launchpad can indeed be seen as an indicator of its high growth potential. A smaller market cap in the dynamic and rapidly evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors often suggests that a project has room to grow, especially if it's backed by solid technology, a strong team, and a clear vision for addressing unmet needs within the space. BSCS's launchpad could represent an attractive proposition for investors and enthusiasts looking for emerging opportunities.

BSCS Holder Benefits

BSCS token holders benefit from several privileges, including guaranteed allocations for IDOs, participation in the in-game economy, and opportunities for staking and farming to earn free tokens. They can also unlock NFT auctions, vote on project approvals, share in transaction and DEX fees, and are promised future benefits as the ecosystem grows and evolves. These advantages are designed to enhance the value and utility of holding BSCS tokens within their ecosystem. For detailed information, refer to the information below.

  • IDO GUARANTEED ALLOCATION - Those who own and Stake BSCS will automatically qualify for IDO guaranteed allocation.

  • INGAME ECONOMY - BSCS will be used in MStation in-game economy

  • STAKING/FARMING - Farms and Start Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on BSCS. Stake BSCS, and earn free tokens.

  • UNLOCK NFT AUCTION - BSCS tokens will be used to pay Auction fees and transactions; and also for NFT access behind the paywall.

  • VOTING - Holders holding BSCS or more can vote to approve or reject projects on BSCS IDO

  • SHARING TRANSACTION FEE - Holders holding BSCS will share a portion of transaction fees

  • SHARING DEX FEE - BSCS Holder will be shared trading fee from BSCS Dex.

  • FUTURE BENEFITS - There are many other benefits of BSCS Hodler that we are building and researching for early implementation.

Token Distribution

After nearly three years of launch and development (since April 2021), BSCS tokens have been unlocked according to the old tokenomics. However, we've decided to use the tokens still in the Treasury, which the BSCS team holds, to restructure. Implementing a three-year vesting period for BSCS tokens is a strategic decision that aligns with the project's long-term vision and sustainability. This approach ensures that the interests of the token holders and the project's development team are closely aligned, promoting steady growth and stability. By gradually releasing tokens over a three-year span, it mitigates the risk of market oversaturation, supports a gradual appreciation in token value, and encourages long-term investment and involvement from the community, fostering a more robust and committed ecosystem around BSCS.

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