Genesis NFTs

The Genesis Series is the first NFT Card on the BSCS NFT platform. These NFTs are packed with utility across the BSCS ecosystem and will entitle their holders to unique privileges and unlock new experiences.

BSCS’s Genesis NFTs will give holders access to additional Launchpad allocation, NFT drops, farming multipliers, token airdrops, and unlock items in the next generation of online games powered by NFTs and blockchain.

BSCS Genesis Series NFTs provide holders unique access to the BSC Station platform. This level of functionality is something needed within the NFT & DeFi space. It is intended to make a statement about what is possible when programming true utility into these assets.

Utility 1 — Launchpad Allocation Booster

NFT holders will receive an additional IDO Allocation on the BSCS Launchpad. According to rarity, holders will be able to have a higher pool weight, which means more IDO allocation.

Additional Pool Weight %

Trophy — 50%

Mars — 30%

Moon — 20%

Rocket — 15%

Skybar — 10%

Rooftop — 5%

Thus, in future iterations of the launchpad, holders of NFTs will have different chances to get additional launchpad allocations on top of what you should get based on the $BSCS holding amount.

Utility 2 — BSCS Airdrops

Holders of BSCS Genesis series NFTs can receive exclusive airdrop incentives in the form of BSCS. Token airdrops will be tied to each NFT token, not the wallet itself, so once transferred the new holder can claim the remaining tokens as well.

Trophy — 35,000 BSCS

Mars — 25,000BSCS

Moon — 5000 BSCS

Rocket — 1000 BSCS

Skybar — 500 BSCS

Rooftop — 85 BSCS

BSCS Genesis Series NFTs holders can now stake their unique NFT to activate their utilities fully.

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