NFT Marketplace


The SDK will standardize all NFT assets related to the use of the Auction feature, providing a clear set of tools, documentation, and rules to help fair and efficient auction buyers and sellers.

BSC Smart Security (BSCSS)

BSCSS is a smart security contract of BSC Protocol-based marketplace payment platform designed to make the NFT buying and selling of any good or service easy and protected.


Auction is one of the most prominent features of the BSCS platform. This is a highly efficient mechanism for realizing a resource configuration in the face of inadequate information. Auctions can be categorized into three types of procedures auctions depending on the occurrence of a price development during an auction run and its causes.
  • Dutch auction - Partially driven by time
  • English auction - Driven by bidders only
  • Sealed bid auction - Single shot

Encryption algorithm

BSC NFT Protocol smart contract uses the unique encryption algorithm, encrypts all bids, and ensures that all bids cannot be changed and encrypted information is irreversible.

Fixed-price contract

Fixed price can refer to a leg of a swap where the payments are based on a constant interest rate, or it can refer to a negotiated price point that is not subject to change under normal circumstances. NFT holder can sell their NFTs on the blockchain by a smart contract of BSC NFT Protocol in the form of pending order and designation required for NFT.