Launch Pools

  • For eligibility to join IDO, users could stake in Launch pools.
  • With Launchpool there will be a fixed APR but the interest can only be received when the staking duration ends (30 days).
  • If user unstakes within a certain period of time (7 days, 14 days, 30 days), a corresponding fee will be charged, and user can only get back the initial investment without the rewards.
  • Every time you start staking, there will be a new expiration date for that staking amount (calculated from the timestamp) and the expected amount of earning after 30 days.
  • Users can choose to unstake different staking amounts.
  • Each staking amount has its own unstaking fee. If you unstake multiple amounts at the same time, the fees will be combined.
When you unstake BSCS from the pool within a certain period of time, a fee will be charged:
  • Unstaking within 7 days: 20%
  • Unstaking within 14 days: 10%
  • Unstaking within 30 days: 5%
After the staking period of 30 days, users can unstake without having to pay a fee and harvest their earnings along with their initial fund. For the new period, users have to stake again!