How to participate in an INO

There will be a tier system for BSCS token holders to access exclusive NFT and Project Launches. In order to access each tier, a fixed minimum number of BSCS tokens needs to be staked on the

There will be two rounds in the Initial NFT offering:

Round 1: First come First serve (FCFS): some of the NFTs will be allocated to the FCFS round. The earliest users who staked the required amount of tier access and fill in the whitelist form can get the NFTs allocation.

Round 2: All users (except the ones who have got NFT allocation in the 1st round) that have the required amount of tier access can register to be whitelisted to participate. If there are more users than NFTs available, participation will be allocated via a random lottery.

Tier requirement:

Tier 1: 30,000 BSCS token

Tier 2: 60,000 BSCS token

Tier 3: 90,000 BSCS token

BSCS can be purchased on PancakeSwap,, MEXC, BSCS Swap, or earned by the Start Pools and Farming pools on BSCStation

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