Vanguard is the newest IDO Rule of BSCS. We created this IDO Rule to offer the community and project teams more flexibility when accessing our services, both Fundraising and Investing aspects.

The most important key point is that BSCS now provides robust and flexible refund options for users joining the Public Sale on our Launchpad platform.

Vanguard IDO Rule Details

🟢 Partial Refund Option

Users can now claim their TGE tokens and still have the option to refund the remaining allocation.

Example: If User A claims 20% of their tokens at TGE, they can choose to refund the remaining 80% of the unclaimed funds within the 3-day refund period.

🟢 Full Refund Option

Users can request a full refund if they choose not to claim the tokens.

🟢 Refund Without Conditions

Users can trigger the refund option at any token price within the refund period, allowing them to make decisions based on their own will, regardless of the project's current price performance.

Example: User A can refund their tokens(Full/Partial) whether the price is above or below the IDO price, as long as their actions are in the Refund Period.

🟢 Claimed Tokens Are Non-Refundable

Once tokens are claimed, they cannot be refunded.

This ensures & encourages the stability and commitment of users to the project.

Important Notice

  • Decisions must be made within the refund period.

  • If no decision (claim or refund) is made, it will be determined as your commitment to the project, and tokens can be claimed according to the vesting schedule.

Refund Period for BSCS users

Refund Time will start counting down from the Claim Time on BSCS Launchpad.

For Full Refund

💎 Super Diamond Tier: 48 hours

💎 Diamond Tier: 24 hours

🌟 Other Tiers: 12 hours

For Partial Refund

🌟 3 days (72 hours) for all users

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