Riskless IDO Projects

With the IDO project applying the Riskless Rule, BSCS provides a Refund mechanism for every participant joining the IDO on our Launchpad platform.

At the TGE of the IDO project, the user can select to activate the Claim or Refund function.

  • Claim: Claim the Token amount based on the vesting schedule

  • Refund: Receive a Refund for the committed fund

  • When users choose to Claim, the Refund option will no longer be available, and vice versa.

The Refund mechanism is available for every IDO Pool, including Community Pool, Guaranteed Pool & First Come, First Served Pool.

Refund Time: Depending on the situation, the refund period could start from Claim Time or Listing Time.

💎 Super Diamond Tier: 48 hours

💎 Diamond Tier: 24 hours

🌟 Other Tiers: 12 hours

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