IDO Rules

Please carefully check out BSCS's IDO Rules to clearly understand the safeguard we provide!

BSCS IDO Rule System contains 2 different rules that aim to protect and deliver the best investing experience and benefits for the community.

πŸ’Ž Shielded IDO Rule

πŸ’Ž Riskless IDO Rule

We will apply the specific IDO rule depending on each IDO project status. Both IDO Rules use the same Tier System for our users to earn Guaranteed IDO Allocation.

πŸ’  Tier System

The Tier System of BSCS has 6 total tiers, with a new and exclusive tier recently added: "Super Diamond”.

The BSCS Tier Requirements:

  • Bronze: Users need to stake 15,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 15

  • Silver: Users need to stake 30,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 35

  • Gold: Users need to stake 50,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 60

  • Platinum: Users need to stake 150,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 190

  • Diamond: Users need to stake 300,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 390

  • Super Diamond: Users need to stake 500,000 BSCS. Pool weight: 750

πŸ’  Extensive Due Diligence

BSCS is committed to promoting only the best projects and making sure that every project meets our high standards. Therefore, we will only approve high-quality projects that receive the approval of our Due Diligence team through 3 Extensive Due Diligence rounds.

Our Due Diligence team consists of 11 highly qualified and experienced professionals. Each team member brings a unique area of expertise to the table and will be tasked with comprehensively examining each project's information.

This evaluation aims to ensure that each project meets the stringent standards set by BSCS Launchpad, is built upon a solid foundation, and is well-conceived before being approved for launch on the platform. By doing so, we aim to provide the community with only the best and most promising projects.

πŸ’  Vesting Schedule Adherence

Our priority is to ensure the best experience and benefits are always provided for the community. That's why we enforce strict compliance with tokenomics vesting schedules for all projects that have made agreements with the BSCS team.

BSCS will also actively monitor the projects' development progress to ensure they stay on course and meet their roadmap commitments as scheduled.

This guarantees that the project will follow its agreed-upon distribution plan, protect the token's value for the community's benefit, and secure its long-term success.

πŸ’  Liquidity Requirements

BSCS Launchpad requires a certain minimum amount of liquidity to be put (according to the raise) and locked for at least 12 months. The minimum liquidity requirement does not include the project's token.

If the projects don't add sufficient liquidity, they will be penalized, and in severe cases, BSCS reserves the right to keep the raised amount of tokens in stablecoins in order to protect our community.

This requirement will help ensure long-term stability and growth for their tokens as well as guarantee the benefits for the investors.

πŸ’  Marketing and Fund Use Plans

BSCS will thoroughly evaluate the project roadmap and development budget, considering both development and marketing aspects to ensure that the plan is viable and enough sufficient funding has been allocated for long-term growth.

With this approach, investors can rest assured that the projects launched on BSCS Launchpad will have a well-thought-out strategy for maximizing the returns from the IDO. Not only will BSCS help the projects lay out a clear plan for the effective promotion and utilization of funds raised during the event, but we will also provide guidance for the projects to have a steady future development. This will give the projects the foundation they need to succeed and thrive in the long term.

πŸ’  Token Delivery

BSCS believes in complete transparency and accountability for all projects that launch on our platform. That's why we enforce a strict policy of requiring full amounts of tokens to be transferred within 2 calendar days before the launch, with no exceptions.

This policy eliminates any potential risk of a token vesting delay and ensures that our platform remains secure and trustworthy for all parties involved.

If the project has created a contract with vesting in it, BSCS will need to be given the full amount of all vestings still before the TGE, thus demanding the changes necessary in the contract to be done in those cases.

This may require modifying the original contract, but this extra step is essential in ensuring the success and stability of the projects launched on our platform. With BSCS, you can have peace of mind knowing that your token launch is in good hands.

πŸ’  Smart contract Audits and Team KYC

BSCS prioritizes security and integrity in all of our token launches. To ensure a safe and decentralized experience for our users, we require all projects to undergo thorough token security audits.

These audits must be conducted by reputable, industry-standard firms who adhere to strict standards and only modify their reports when all critical and major issues have been resolved. We firmly reject any tokens that contain malicious or centralized blacklisting functions and will only launch those that meet our rigorous security standards.

In addition, all the BOD of the project must undergo a thorough KYC process to confirm that the individuals behind the project have the necessary experience and qualifications to run and develop the project effectively.

This is a mandatory requirement for all projects.

πŸ’  Listing Timeframe

BSCS will require at max 15 days between the IDO and the listing date (TGE). Therefore, we strongly recommend that all projects implement the token listing as soon as possible, preferably 0-48 hours after the IDO ends, to keep the momentum going and make the most out of the hyped-up community.

In cases where 15 days is exceeded, BSCS will have the right to open a community vote for our users to decide whether we will continue with the project or do a full refund.

πŸ’  Refund Right

BSCS has the right to issue a partial or full refund at any time if we find evidence of

  • Terms violations

  • Commitments non-compliance

  • Signs of fraud

  • False information, malicious

  • Bad practices, critical errors, etc.

Or when the token price fall below the IDO price for 2 consecutive vestings, affecting the reputation of BSCS Launchpad, our partners, and users.


  1. We will snapshot randomly user Staking balance when it comes to the Staking Eligibility Deadline. (it's around 24-36 hours before The BSCS round opens). Users who stake more than 15k BSCS can get guaranteed allocation.

  2. BSCS Holders will get more other benefits than IDO allocation according to their titles, such as exclusive NFT drops, BSCS airdrops, etc. more details can check here!

  3. Example for allocation calculation:

    • We will calculate the allocation per user based on the current IDO tier model on BSCS.

      BSCS IDO Tier Model:

      Example: Supposing we sell 1 million tokens in the IDO, after token sale ends:

      If the actual number of commit USDT wallets is lower than the number of whitelisted wallets:

      For example: Among the wallets that committed USDT, there are 300 Bronze Members, 40 Silver Members, 10 Gold Members, 5 Platinum Members, 4 Diamond Members, and 2 Super Diamond Members.

    The combined weight of all the qualifying buyers in this example is

    (30015) + (4035) + (1060) + (5190) + (4390) + (2750) = 10510;

    ⇔ 4500 + 1400 + 600 + 950 + 1560 + 1500 = 10510

    The amount of tokens allocated to each weight is 1,000,000 / 10510 = 95.147 token

    Each user in Bronze will get: 95.14715= 1427.205 token

    Each user in Silver will get: 95.14735 = 3330.145 token

    Each user in Gold will get: 95.14760= 5708.82 token

    Each user in Platinum will get: 95.147190=18077.93 token

    Each user in Diamond will get: 95.14390 = 37107.33 token

    Each user in Super Diamond will get: 95.14750 = 71360.25 token

  4. For each round, there is a fixed allocation for each Tier user. BSCS Genesis NFT holders can have a higher chance to access the priority queue according to the rarity of their NFT cards, and more details about BSCS NFT will be announced soon. Please check HERE for details.

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