How to get USDC on Tron

There are several ways to obtain USDC on Polygon Network

Let's go through all 3 mentioned ways

Withdraw from CEX that support USDC Matic Network

We will deposit USDC from MEXC because the exchange supports depositing - withdrawing USDC from Polygon - Matic network and low transaction fee.

Step 1:

Copy the Polygon network wallet address on the metamask by clicking on the address line as the picture below

Step 2:

Fill the address you just copied into the withdraw section on MEXC or other CEX support withdraw Polygon Network and the amount of USDC you want to withdraw. Note: select the “MATIC” network. Then press “Confirm”

Step 3:

Wait for 1-3 minutes then you go back to the metamask wallet to check the balance in the wallet. At this time, the USDC balance will not appear because you have not added USDC to the wallet. To add USDC to your wallet, select “Import token” as shown below:

Then enter the Polygon network USDC contract: 0x2791bca1f2de4661ed88a30c99a7a9449aa84174

and select “Add custom Token” then the USDC balance on the wallet will appear.


Swap from Matic on Polygon-supported DEX (Quickswap)

Quickswap is an AMM similar to Uniswap built on the Polygon (formerly Matic) ecosystem. Use Quickswap to buy USDC more easily and conveniently. First, make sure your wallet has imported the Polygon network. Next step You need to transfer Matic to the wallet to swap and do transaction fees.

Step 1:

Go to the website

Step 2:

Connect wallet with QuickSwap click “Connect to a wallet”

Step 3:

Select the wallet you are using. Here I choose Metamask wallet.

Step 4:

Select trading pair then click “swap” Note: Here I choose to swap Matic to USDC, I have 41 Matic but I only swap 40 Matic, because we have to get some Matic to pay for the transaction fee.

Select “Confirm Swap” and Confirm on the Wallet

Wait for a moment for the transaction to complete then return to the wallet balance check screen

Bridge from USDC BEP-20 to USDC Polygon

We will use Evodefi to bridge USDC from BSC-BEP20 network to Polygon network USDC

Step 1:

Visit the website:

Step 2:

Connect the wallet to Evodefi, From the top right corner of the screen click on “Connect”

Step 3:

Select the wallet you want to connect, here I use Metamask wallet, you can also use other wallets like Binance Chain Wallet, Wallet Connect, Trust Wallet...

Step 4:

From the top left corner of the screen, tap the 3 dashes icon, then select Bridge > Token Bridge

Step 5:

Click “ Approve” Note: The minimum amount on the Evodefi platform for swapping between BSC and Polygon chains is $50. Please prepare some BNB for transaction fee.

After pressing “Approve” the metamask screen will appear, now click on the “confirm” button to approve the transaction. Wait a moment you will see the transaction status “Approving”

Step 6:

You will see the status from “Approving” Switch to “Send - 0.5%fee” click on that button.

With $50, the transaction costs only $0.25, which is also quite cheap.

At this time, the screen will appear Metamask wallet to confirm the transaction, please click "Confirm"

Please wait few minutes for the transactions going through then switch the network of your wallet to Matic Mainet and check the U

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