How to get Matic

Polygon network use Matic as Gas Fee and we may need Matic to swap to USDC in order to join IDO pools as well.

Here we will choose the simplest way: deposit Matic from MEXC because the exchange supports depositing - withdrawing Matic from Polygon - Matic network and low transaction fee.

Step 1:

Copy the Polygon network wallet address on the metamask by clicking on the address line as the picture below

Step 2:

Fill the address you just copied into the withdraw section on MEXC or other CEX support withdraw Polygon Network and the amount of Matic you want to withdraw. Note: select the โ€œMATICโ€ network. (the fee for withdrawing Matic on the MEXC floor is 0.15 Matic)

Then press โ€œConfirmโ€

Step 3:

Wait for 1-3 minutes then you go back to the metamask wallet to check the balance in the wallet.

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