How to participate in an IDO

Visit to find out more about IDOs.

Before IDO:

Staking for IDO allocation: Users are required to stake their BSCS to get guaranteed allocation for the first IDO; if you hold Genesis NFT, please make sure it is staked as well.

BSCS Launchpad Tier model for BSCS round IDO eligibility







Super Diamond








Pool Weight







Joining pool:

BSCS has implemented the “Min - Max Allocation Range Selection" feature for IDOs on our platform.

The “Min-Max Allocation Range Selection” is available for the “Guaranteed Pool".

The Allocation Range will base on the BSCS Tier System. You will receive a larger Allocation with more BSCS you stake for the Tier.

1. Step 1:

Go to

=> Find the IDO project still ongoing and you want to participate.

2. Step 2:

Round 1: Allocation Round

For Guaranteed Pool

You will see the Min-Max Allocation Range Selection and you can commit any amount of funds within the Min-Max range.

Enter the desired amount within the Min-Max range for the Guaranteed Pool

Click on “Commit fund" => Your fund will be committed into the pool.

The Min-Max Allocation Range will be calculated 24 hours before the Pools Start.

Round 2: First Come First Served Round

The remaining Allocation from Round 1 will be split evenly into a fixed Ticket number with equal allocation.

The Ticket can be purchased in the FCFS rule.

Click on “Commit fund" => Your fund will be committed into the pool.

⚠️ Important Notice

The number of USDT commits is not fixed; it depends on the IDO project.

The Token Allocation will be calculated after the Pools close.

3. Step 3:

- The system will calculate the allocation per user based on the tier models and the total number of people committing funds in the pool.

- When the token sale ends, your allocation will be shown and the corresponding USDT amount will be deducted from the deposited fund.

- You will see the amount of the Change that needs to be claimed. Click “Claim change” to get the leftover amount of your funds. And now you can see your allocation.

4. Step 4:

When it’s time to claim tokens, you can:

  • Claim your Token

  • Active Refund mechanism for the Riskless IDO project

  • Claim the Refund if the Refund mechanism is triggered for the Shielded IDO project

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