Start Pools

What are Start Pools?

BSC Startpool helps quality NFT and non-NFT projects distribute their tokens to a wider audience while allowing crypto users and investors to generate attractive returns in a form of new tokens. This is an innovative solution that gives advantages to both users and quality crypto projects

Farmers can earn the new token for a total of 30 days. The first seven of those days are before the token is listed on BSC Swap, at which point farmers can immediately trade any tokens they have earned.

The tokens farmers earn are distributed to them daily, and they can add or remove tokens they have subscribed to the eligible pools at any time.

Start Pools are the simplest way to earn free tokens on BSCS. Stake BSCS, earn free tokens. It’s really that easy.

How can I use Start Pools?

Check this guide for a step-by-step.

How can I run a Start Pool for my project?

Reach out via the application form.

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