BSCS Buyback and Burn

The BSCS burning event usually takes place on the 28th of every month and starts from May 2021

Deflationary Mechanism

In the present and near future, the BSCS token is also burned in the following ways:
  • 0.03% of every trade made on BSCS
  • 100% of BSCS spent on NFT Auction
  • 100% of BNB from NFT minting fee is used to buy BSCS for burning
  • 5% of BSCS spent on Luckylott round
  • 20,000,000 BSCS Liquidity in 2021 already burnt
  • 60% of the Treasury Fee of every Prediction markets round is used to buy BSCS for burning
  • 100% of BSCS from NFT Genesis Card
The burning process is currently manual. View burn